Anonymous asked:

Ew you and your stripper friends are gross, sharing whore outfits that's nasty as fuck. Why not get a REAL job, or go to college make yo dead mama proud of her little girl. Is Getting dollar bills thrown at you by a dirty Mexican that fun? Ugh hopefully Jesus gives you second chance in life. *spits holy water at you*

fuckmestupid answered:

So I go to my fake job, make my fake money, pay my fake rent and bills, and buy myself fake food and clothing? Right. I’m so sorry that society has pushed your head so far into your ass that it will never see the light of day again.

My job is actually hella fun. I get to be in my most comfortable state of being, I get to be in control of who I do and do not talk to (the customer isn’t always right with my job, how fun does that sound?!), I make more than I would at a minimum wage job (which at my age is all I really would be able to get MAYBE a bit higher pay if I’m lucky???), I get to be around all my hot friends every single day and have the time of my life?????

Like I’m literally happy every single day and a financially stable adult. Is that why you’re so angry? Do you need mommy to come change your diaper?